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Corporate Driver Training - A Key Factor In Reducing Crash Rates And Fleet Insurance Premiums.

Corporate Driver Training is one element of a systems solution in reducing high crash and claims rates.

Murcotts has for many years recognised the importance of multiple solutions that deliver safe driver management systems.

Proof of our approach are the many large corporate and government employers who have engaged Murcotts to not only help with driver training programs but also to develop and apply a range of risk management systems that directly deliver a driver safety culture.

Employers such as - SG Fleet, Sydney Water, COMCAR, Bunnings, Commonwealth Bank, Coles, Bureau of Meteorology, State Government Departments, Melbourne Water, Syngenta, Sanofi, A G Coombs, Ford, RSPCA, News Corp, Sydney Trains, AAMI Insurance all achieve great results and benefits by having their drivers attend Murcotts Defensive Driving Programs across Australia.

We work with your Risk, Work Place Health and Safety and Human Resources Managers to develop the systems that directly reduce vehicle crashes and incidents within your fleet. We can demonstrate how you can increase productivity through risk reduction strategies and training programs that deliver measurable outcomes and more importantly, improve employee satisfaction. Our guidance extends to your employees' families. Our clients manage fleets in the thousands.

Here are the six main reasons you should consider Murcotts for all your corporate driver training needs.

1. Our Programs are structured and target the following learning outcomes:

  • Joining EcoDriving with Defensive Driving to achieve environmental, safety and economic benefits.

  • Increasing Hazard Perception, risk assessment and risk management skills.

  • Reducing risk-taking behaviours.

  • Increasing defensive and protective driving skills.

  • Increasing insight into own driving behaviour.

  • Maintaining a safe vehicle environment.

  • Ensuring competence in basic vehicle control.

2. Training Methodology

Murcotts' programs are based on experiential learning approaches that deliver both cognitive and competency outcomes.

Our practical programs are designed to promote learning through discovery. It's what the participant chooses to do following the training that will reduce risks. Discovering gaps in their ability to drive safely motivates participants to rethink their driving.

Moralistic lecturing about road safety and presenting gory road trauma graphics are not effective according to research in human behaviour change.

3. Qualified Trainers

Murcotts employ our own permanent, qualified and experienced trainers and educators to ensure consistent delivery of programs. The minimum qualifications of our training staff include:

  • Certificate III in Road Transport (Driving Instructor)

  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

  • EdoDrive Trainer Accreditation

  • Certificate of First Aid

  • Prior experience in road safety, driver training and vehicle technology

4. Core Learning Outcomes

Murcotts' programs are designed to address the key causal factors for the most common crashes: rear end/nose to tail and reversing collisions.

Murcotts' driver development programs are based on a range of core learning outcomes, including demonstrating proactive driving and incorporating a range of defensive and protective driving techniques.

5. Safety Culture

For drivers, a safety culture means knowing and demonstrating the skills and behaviours that underpin crash free driving and accepting that this is dependent on their attitudes, awareness and motivation. Murcotts' training underpins the principles of a safety culture.

6. BAAMS® Driver Profile

The BAAMS® Driver Profile recognises that on road behaviour of drivers depends on their attitude, awareness and motivation in addition to essential vehicle control and risk management skills. Derived from Behaviour Safety concepts, BAAMS® is the only system of its kind used in Australian driver training programs. Some organisations have recognised its added value to existing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Murcotts is a one stop shop to meet all your Driver Risk Management needs from Staff Induction, Defensive Driver Training, Fatigue Management, EcoDriving and Alcohol Awareness with both online and practical programs booked via our easy to use bulk corporate booking systems across the largest selection of quality assured program dates and venues across Australia and New Zealand from a highly accredited Registered Training Provider.

View testimonials from some of our key clients.

Talk to one of our Business Development team to learn how a Murcotts program can assist your company today. We train in excess of 15,000 people per annum and chances are that someone you already know has participated in a Murcotts program.

We provide our programs in every state of Australia and on average, there is a Murcotts program being run every day of the year (including weekends). You can check availability right here – book online using this link.

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