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Given that driving is a common activity for many employees, the Work Place Health and Safety laws recognise that the vehicle is a workplace and the roads constitute part of the work environment.

Vehicles may be considered part of an organisation's plant and are therefore subject to Plant Regulations.

It follows that staff who drive in the course of their work are subject to the normal Work Place Health and Safety management systems applicable to the organisation’s total work environment.

Murcotts' Work Place Health and Safety consultancy service can assist clients to ensure that they meet their duty of care obligations and provide a safe workplace for their drivers.

The key to reducing the collision rate for fleet drivers is the development and reinforcement of a driver safety culture.

A driver safety culture can only be achieved through a systematic approach to safety generally and specific strategies in relation to driver and vehicle management.

Appropriate policies such as a Vehicle Use Policy and a Driver Management Policy are required to support the development of a safety culture as well appropriate leadership. Vehicle and driver risk assessments provide evidence that these policies have been practically applied.

Organisational leaders need to identify safety culture values and mission in business plans and corporate documents and take the action necessary to ensure that these words are translated to visible behaviour at all levels.

The concept of celebrating these values as they are enacted by individuals is a powerful aspect of an effective safety culture. This idea has been proven in international studies associated with both safety and workplace driving.

A safety culture only exists when the majority of people in the organisation act out the values. It is therefore imperative that all staff engage in processes that facilitate their understanding of the values and assist them to translate them to actions that indicate alignment.

The range of services offered by Murcotts will support both managers and employees as they strive for a driver safety culture.

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