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One-on-one coaching and assessment in normal on-road traffic conditions is an important service provided by Murcotts. It is the most useful activity for assessing driver competence particularly for accredited training purposes.

Personal driver training of this type is ideal for drivers with special needs such as the disabled, drivers who have lost confidence following a road trauma experience, older drivers who wish to maintain their licence currency and for drivers with identified risk behaviours associated with their driving such as those referred by courts.

For employers, this service is especially useful for pre-employment driver assessment or as a remedial measure for all employees who are required to drive in their work. It may be accompanied by a BAAMS® Driver Profile assessment and specialist counselling is offered to some drivers who have particular psychological needs.

The methodology involves our instructor in car with the driver observing, providing feedback and coaching for correction of errors. The duration of two hours and the variable and demanding traffic conditions reduces the tendency for drivers to attempt to demonstrate "good" or compliant behaviour unless such behaviour has become normalised through ongoing application and practice. This program comprises approximately 30 minutes for evaluation of the driving systems and the remaining 90 minutes working on correct driving techniques and defensive/protective systems.

A confidential comprehensive written report is prepared on completion and forwarded to the driver and/or the company. This program (and report) may cover the following elements:

  • Defensive and Protective Driving

  • Road law understanding

  • Traffic awareness

  • Looking up/reading ahead - hazard detection

  • Use of gears/auto

  • Use of brakes

  • Lane choice and usage

  • Use of signals and mirrors

  • Driving fluency and smoothness

  • Vehicle sympathy

  • Self-awareness in relation to other motorists behaviour

  • Attitude towards instruction

  • Vehicle appreciation and responsibility

  • Risk taking behaviours

  • Familiarisation of new vehicle

  • Wet weather driving

  • Night driving

  • Gravel driving

  • Towing

  • Reversing

  • Road law awareness

  • Merging onto freeways

  • Highway driving

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