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Feedback from individuals, organisations and published articles indicates dramatic reductions in damage incidents (often referred to as "accidents") after driver training. In some cases organisations have reported Blog Posts up to 80 percent reduction in crashes. The following are just some examples of the achievements realised:

Recent Participants

John (55-64) (Fisher & Paykel)

It was well-balanced training with a perfect mix of theory and practical I learnt a lot from them and will definitely put it in practice.

Martin (55-64)

(Fisher & Paykel)

I feel it could be something that stays with me for the rest of my driving.

Monique (25-34)

I felt very respected as someone who was a bit nervous to begin with! It was a really fun environment also.

Chloe (18-24)

How engaging, enthusiastic and patient all the trainers were and how they catered to all experience levels.

Chad (35-44) (Master Builders Solutions)

Clear communication and points. Very eye opening and informative. Definitely not mundane and keeps you interested.

Sophie (18-24) (MEGT)

The stories and examples used. To help explain what we were going through, there was an example with how and why.

Albino (45-54) (AMSA)

Learning and practically experiencing about the emergency stop, mirrors adjusting for optimal blind spot view, driving around “Kinney and his family “

Stephen (45-54) (EPA)

Both theory and practical sessions were informative and educational. I have also made a few positive changes to my driving habits and mindset. I think I needed a refresher to my driving style especially now that I no longer drive in the country where I learnt to drive and drove in for many years.

Elizabeth (45/54) (Haleon)

I liked the mix between theory and practical and not doing all of each in single blocks. I felt comfortable to ask questions and feedback was great.

Samantha (25-34 (Agriculture Victoria)

Third trainer was Neil. The trainers were excellent and knowledgeable, and kept the content engaging. The practical activities were good and not too scary or challenging, but confronting enough to make you aware and think. Thanks very much.

Kienan ( 35-44) Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals

Although we were a group of 8, it felt like individualised training by Mark, who also explained everything clearly and with sincerity. Great session! Thank you!

Carolyn (55-64) Pfizer

The skill of the trainer. He had the right mix of teaching and respect for the people in his course. He didn’t make fun of the mistakes we all do as drivers. He also called out the behaviours we often see on the road without “tut-tutting” or trying to scare people into NOT doing things. I really thought he pitched his tuition just right.

James (45-54) Imperial Brands

The atmosphere created was of a safe environment were one could express them selves, the casual approach to the course was great and had everyone engaged at all times

James (54-44) Waratah Fencing

Was a great course. Some good practical exercises. Very good information particularly with the higher speed driving

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