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Murcotts has for many years recognised the importance of multiple solutions that deliver safe driver management systems.

Driver Risk Management Systems

Managing drivers has become very complex, with legislative and social expectations meaning mistakes can be very costly for organisations. The only way for your organisation to have certainty is to ensure you have a driver management program focussed on compliance.

Driver Induction

Considering new employees are learning about the organisation, its policies, products, services and customers and may be unfamiliar with the territory and traffic as well as driving a new vehicle, risk levels will be higher.

Incident & Crash Investigation

Incident and Accident Investigation is the single most important tool for improving OHS management performance in terms of risk and cost reduction. Murcotts provides training for those with risk management responsibilities as well as for Fleet Managers, OH&S and Human Resources representatives.

Driver Counselling

Crashes are related to driver well-being. From time to time staff members, at any level, may require assistance to deal with issues and incidents that may arise out of their employment and personal life that may affect them at work, including their driving.

Driver Management Seminars

Murcotts offer highly dynamic seminars to address issues associated with managing drivers in the workplace.

Security Driver, Executive Protection & Anti-Terrorist Driving

Security and Protective driving has become an important issue for Governments, dignitaries and executives who are exposed to risks including terrorism. Murcotts has conducted security, protective and anti-terrorist driving programs for more than 40 years.

Consultancy Fleet & Driver

Given that driving is a common activity for many employees, the Occupational Health and Safety laws recognise that the vehicle is a workplace and the roads constitute part of the work environment.

Driver Risk Assessments

Health and Safety Legislation requires that employers conduct assessments of the risks associated with work and the work place and introduce measures to eliminate or control any risks identified. It follows that risk assessments should be conducted for the task of driving.

Driver Improvement Workshops

These workshops are designed to promote a driver safety culture in organisations. They compliment practical driver training programs such as Defensive Driving Levels 1 and 2 and align with in-house OH&S management systems and staff training.

Driver Safety Session

As part of Work Safe Week, Murcotts is offering a one hour Driver Safety Session at your workplace to address the common causes of motor vehicle crashes.

White Papers

Murcotts White Paper Library is a resource guide for fleet managers to help manage risks associated with driving and drivers in the workplace.

Driver Behaviour Training

Each driver has a driver profile that reflects certain personal characteristics. Murcotts has categorised these characteristics in the BAAMS® Driver Profile.

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